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Losing a life partner is a devastating experience that can make the idea of dating and having sex with a new partner seem daunting. Many widows and widowers find themselves in a situation where they haven’t been on a date or had sex with anyone other than their late partner for many years or even decades.

The dating landscape has changed significantly in this time. Over 30% of all encounters now start online and by 2035 it is estimated that over 50% of encounters will begin online.

There always has, and always will be, one-night stands. In the past, individuals who engaged in sexual activities outside of a committed relationship might have been unfairly judged as promiscuous or ‘easy’. Nowadays, this is absolutely not the case. The idea of a ‘hook up’ or ‘friend with benefits’ arrangement and no strings fun is more common and widely accepted in society.

At WidowsFire, we recognise that widows and widowers have experienced a life defining loss and will forever be fundamentally changed and if we are honest, a little bit broken. We do however have a need for physical comfort and often experience the phenomenon known as widow’s fire, sometimes very early in the grief cycle.

This is when a bereaved person feels an almost unbearable need for sex – it’s a little like being a hormonal teenager again! Finding a ‘friend with benefits’ type arrangement or hook up can be a delightful distraction and momentary relief from the all-consuming darkness of grief.

All too often widows or widowers try to replace their late spouse by starting another committed relationship while still in the throes of intense grief and heartbreak. When we are in the early stages of grief, we not in the right head space to make sensible or rational decisions. Two broken, grieving individuals trying to build a committed relationship can be a recipe for disaster and cause further upset and hurt. We do however have human, physical, and natural urges and this is where WidowsFire can help.

WidowsFire aims to provide a safe platform to meet people who will understand and accept what you are going through, the emotional turmoil you may experience and be respectful of that.

It is important that you understand that WidowsFire is all about the physical. People using the site are unlikely to want or be ready for a committed relationship, they are looking for no strings attached fun. This doesn’t necessarily mean they just want one-night stands. We are hoping to help people meet friends with benefits (FWB) who hang out together over time. Do bear in mind however they will most probably be talking with and seeing other people from WidowsFire or other mainstream apps, do not expect them to be ‘exclusive’ with you. It is after all ‘no strings’.

Please note we do ask everyone to confirm their widow status on sign up, but we do not police this in the same way we do on our sister app, Chapter 2. We are all consenting adults and need to make our own judgement calls and risk assessments when arranging a meet up through WidowsFire. If it is important to you that a prospective partner is definitely a widow/widower, then we suggest you ask them to confirm that and ask questions about their late spouse to verify this.

If you are seeking love, exclusivity or commitment then head over to our sister app Chapter 2 Dating, where you’ll find thousands of people ready for that next step.

A word about discretion – this is a key component of WidowsFire. It is a safe, member-only community allowing widows and widowers to find physical comfort in a non-judgemental and confidential space. Often friends or family of you and your late partner get upset if they know you are dating again particularly if it is soon after a loss. We therefore ask all members to be discreet and not share details of any encounters on social media without consent from all parties.

We would however love to hear about your widow’s fire experiences as case studies on our blog. You can do this anonymously or change names to protect the innocent. We think other members would benefit from hearing them.

This also helps normalise the idea of widow’s fire – we want to break the taboo surrounding the subject. We have all suffered an immense and life changing loss yet still need to keep living, we all deserve a little comfort and joy in life.

Please remember to follow our simple tips and hints to stay safe and have a fun, discreet WidowsFire experience!



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