What makes the perfect WidowsFire profile?

At WidowsFire we recognise that as a widow or widower you may not be ready emotionally or mentally for a committed, serious relationship. We also recognise that you have basic human physical needs – we all crave affection, comfort and sex. We want to break the taboo around sex after grief and loss. What you are experiencing is a recognised phenomenon, it is completely normal and absolutely nothing to be ashamed about. Here at WidowsFire, we are creating a confidential and safe space for you explore no strings, uncomplicated, flirty fun with people who understand.

We understand that you may have never tried online dating or had a casual no strings encounter before. It can be a daunting and a confusing minefield at times. So where do you start?

The first step in WidowsFire is to sign up. You sign up here to start creating your profile.

Firstly, you need to upload some photos. We’d suggest at least three, ideally six, but on Widows Fire you can have unlimited photos. The more photos you include the more likely that you’ll get matches and messages.

Select your photos wisely, try and choose shots that reflect your personality and give an insight into you e.g., if you love to travel a photo of you at the Eiffel Tower could demonstrate that – remember a picture paints a thousand words! Please ensure that it’s just you in your photos. Please do not include photos of friends or family as that is confusing to anyone viewing your profile, I suppose pets are okay though! Photos of you partaking in hobbies work nicely too – but please fishermen, no photos of you holding a big fish you’ve caught. That’s really not what any of us are looking for or find attractive! I can’t help imagining maggots…

Please ensure all photos are recent and accurate – honesty really is the best policy and photos should be from the past 12 months.

Although we are a flirty no strings attached platform, the emphasis is on fun and slightly cheeky. We are not and never will be an adult site. So absolutely no X rated photos, d**k pics and breasts are not appropriate – save those for private communications or meeting up. Have an air of mystery about you! A few cheeky swimwear holiday shots or tasteful underwear shots are fine but please keep it clean and keep it classy. Any photos we deem unsuitable will be removed and anyone posting adult content will be removed from the site without a refund on any subscriptions.

Now you’ve uploaded your pictures it is time to write your profile. Your profile can be as short or as long as you like. Leaving a little intrigue and talking points for private messaging can work well, however conversely please make sure you write something! Nothing looks lazier than an empty profile, it indicates you aren’t invested or committed to finding your spark on WidowsFire.

Try and keep your profile cheeky, flirty, fun and intriguing. It is your elevator pitch… your few minutes in the spotlight to tell others a little about who you are. Include the basic details; age, geographic location (never share an address just a town or city please), height and perhaps body shape, personally I’m cuddly 😉.

You may want to include an occupation, e.g., retired, manager, professional, accountant etc. but that’s not essential. Never ever include personal contact details like your phone number or social channels, and always communicate through the site for safety reasons.

Given this is a widow community and dating site it makes sense to include an overview of your status and when you were widowed. You can also add whether you are seeking a man, woman or no preference here too.

Be honest in your profile, be clear what you are looking for whether that’s FWB (friends with benefits), virtual / phone / video hook up or casual relationship which may lead to more. Be honest about what you want. There are a series of check boxes in the signup process which helps you with suggestions of what you are looking for.

There is also a section, again tick boxes, to say what you are interested in, whether it is vanilla sex, role play, dressing up – be open minded but always stay within your comfort zone and again honesty is the best policy.

The final section on the signup form is another tick box – select 3 words to describe you. This gives members a little more of an insight into who you are and your authentic self.

So that’s your profile complete and now you are ready to start searching for your spark and stoke the flames of your widow’s fire.

Enjoy, play safely and be respectful of the community – you deserve some uncomplicated fun. Please remember to read our safety tips here.

If you are ready for a serious relationship or looking for commitment, then head over to our sister site Chapter 2. You can be members of one or both platforms if you are looking for a little of both worlds.



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